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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry In Pune

Laser Dentistry In Pune

Lasers have become increasingly common in dentistry in recent years due to their precision and versatility. Lasers use light energy to perform a variety of dental procedures, including:

1. Soft tissue procedures: Lasers can be used to remove gum tissue, reshape the gums, and treat gum disease. They can also be used to remove lesions or growths in the mouth.

2. Hard tissue procedures: Lasers can be used to remove decay from teeth, prepare teeth for fillings or crowns, and perform root canals. Lasers can also be used to reshape or contour teeth.
3. Teeth whitening: Lasers can be used to activate the bleaching agent in teeth whitening treatments, speeding up the process and improving results.
4. Pain relief: Lasers can be used to reduce pain and inflammation associated with dental procedures or conditions like TMJ disorder.

One of the benefits of using lasers in dentistry is that they are minimally invasive and can often be used without the need for anesthesia. Lasers also provide greater precision, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding tissues. In addition, lasers can promote faster healing times and may reduce the risk of infection.

While lasers can be a valuable tool in dentistry, they are not suitable for all procedures. Your dentist will determine whether laser dentistry is an appropriate treatment option for your individual needs.
If you are interested in learning more about laser dentistry or think it may be a suitable option for your dental needs, talk to your dentist to determine if it is right for you.